SW Hunt has many years of experience and knowledge in designing, installing and maintaining a wide range of Underfloor Heating systems.

We make sure that all of our underfloor heating systems are fitted to create perfect indoor climate control, whilst also providing you with the benefit of luxurious warm floors.

How does underfloor heating work?

Underfloor central heating systems (i.e. heated floors) work by pushing a continuation of warm water through plastic tubing which has been fitted within the floor. The water can come from any heat source and because the area emitting heat is large, sufficient warmth is provided. And what’s even better, even on those chilly winter’s nights there will no need for any other heating, saving you essential costs and creating total efficiency.

Why choose underfloor heating?

The installation of underfloor Heating (UFH) is continuously becoming a more popular choice for new builds and appeals both to domestic and the commercial properties because of its large benefits over other conventional heating systems. At SW Hunt, we can fit quality Underfloor Heating systems in both commercial and domestic properties and for an extensive range of floor types, in both new and existing buildings.


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